Google Glass SXSW video demonstration now available in its entirety

Last month, Google showed off Glass with a demonstration of its user interface at SXSW, giving attendees an in-depth look at the device and how it works. Pieces and parts of the demonstration were revealed in videos recorded by some who attendend, but the entire thing wasn't available. Now Google has made the entire video available, which you can watch after the jump.

The video was posted on YouTube earlier today by Google's "GoogleDevelopers" account, and it is quite the lengthy watch at just over 50 minutes long. If you're looking to get as much info about the device as you can, this is certainly the place to start. We've covered the features in detail, but there's nothing quite like watching them in action.

Last month, we covered the video demonstration in two pieces, the first of which covered some third-party apps and showed off things like taking a photograph, instantly translating English to Japanese, and checking the weather. You can read it here, then head over to part 2, where we cover Glass's functionality with Gmail, Evernote, and Skitch. There are more goodies to be seen in the full video, so be sure to check it out.

A litte over a week ago, word surfaced that Google plans to manufactur Glass in California in a partnership with Foxconn, although nothing official was stated. The device, which is set for release later this year, will be available to those of us who wear prescription glasses, Google assured. Meanwhile, one lawmaker has already moved to ban the use of Glass while driving.