Google Glass invitations heading out to developers

Google has once again expanded the gates for its Explorer Program, sending out invitations to developers in an opportunity to nab a pair of Google Glass. This follows a few times the program has been expanded in various ways, and makes good on a recent promise the company made to provide additional chances to get into the program. The invitations coincide with the availability of a Glass Developer Kit sneak-peak, and will spur the development of Glassware.

The invitations began heading out to developers a couple days ago, and not surprisingly they popped up on eBay and Craigslist a short while later. The invitations come with a purchase code that needs to be redeemed, and by the looks of it the code expires a week after the invitation is sent, meaning developers have one week to make up their mind. As always, the cost to get into the coveted program is $1500, and with it comes Google Glass and all that the Explorer Program entails.

It's not apparent at this time how widespread the latest rounds of invitations are, but several individuals have reported receiving one. This follows the rollout of the next version of the device, which we saw late last month. With the new version comes a slightly larger design and the mono earbud, though a set of stereo ear buds are also in the works.

Google just recently wrapped up a developers-centric event in San Francisco, which previewed the Glassware Development Kit for devs and was a solid way to usher in this latest round of device availability. It should also be noted, Google recently made a change to its Google Glass FAQ page, making it seem that while still against the terms of service, it is now possible to sell Glass without risking having the device disabled by the powers that be.

SOURCE: Engadget