Google Glass secondhand sales no longer disabled

In the original FAQ for the Google Glass Explorers program, it was made clear that the company did not, under and circumstances, want users to go around selling their headsets to strangers. One of the ways Google chose to prevent the selling of Glass units on the secondhand market was to assure users that their headsets would be deactivated if it was discovered that they'd been sold online. This week the FAQ for the program has been updated to reflect a slight change in rules.

While it would appear that the "terms of service" for the Glass Explorer program remain the same – aka it's still against the rules to sell your Google Glass headset – the deactivation bit has been axed. If a person does sell Google Glass to a colleague, this device will not be deactivated as it once would have.

"Q. Is it OK for Explorers to try and sell their devices online? Will you disable the devices if they do this?

A: The Explorer program is about taking Glass out in the world and seeing what's possible with the technology. We hope our Explorers are excited to do just that. While it's against our terms of service to sell your device, we don't plan on disabling any Explorer's device."

In other words, you might just want to skip the whole selling of Glass no matter the deactivation situation. Google still doesn't want you to sell your Glass unit, and the person you sell the headset to wont technically be part of the Explorer Program like you were – so keep caution. The best way to get a friend of yours into the Glass universe is to provide them with one of your (several) invites.

Of course if you're one of the few users out there that want to leave the Glass environment and never return, feel free! Have a peek at our timeline of recent Google Glass events and happenings and stay up-to-date through our Google Glass tag portal as well – expansion is in the works!

VIA: Android Police, Glass FAQ