Google Glass heads to Museum of Contemporary Art

Though Google Glass isn't going to be part of their permanent collection, the headset is indeed headed for the Museum of Contemporary art later this month. In a bid to show the device off to the public in as effective a manner as possible, Google is bringing Glass to a variety of cities across the United States in the coming weeks. Google's next stop: Detroit, Rock City.

Google is indeed on a multi-state tour that next heads to the Motor City (if you're not a KISS fan). In Detroit on November 16th (a Saturday) and November 17th (Sunday), Glass will be appearing at the Museum of Contemporary Art. There anyone and everyone (within reason) will be able to walk up and try on Glass.

Of great importance if you do plan on attending the Detroit showing: you need to RSVP! To do this, prospective visitors will need to head to the official RSVP page and check in. This page is run through SplashThat – how about that?

Above you'll find a video of the first stop on the tour. Google stopped in Durham, North Carolina to show off Glass in a variety of colors to users of all walks of life. This is just the beginning – Google may very well be headed to your city next!