Google Earth gets 3D navigation with Leap Motion

This week Google Earth has been demonstrated with 3D navigation in collaboration with the device known as Leap Motion. This device's makers have discussed several high-level collaborations in the recent past, most notably with computer manufacturer HP. This new collaboration with Google Earth allows the device to have access to the environment with a sort of "fly-through" action that's demonstrated in a video today.

This integration of Google Earth exploration abilities has spawned a YouTube collective of videos being submitted this week as well. If you have a peek at the demonstration video below, you'll see Leap Motion's take on Google Earth with their basic device. This demonstration takes a look at San Francisco, Paris, New York City, and the Grand Canyon in short clips.

This update to Google Earth also adds several new features to the environment, including Map-Making, Viewshed, and a set of Google Earth Pro boosts as well. The downloadable version of Google Earth is the one being used here today – this demonstration shows the app on a desktop computer, while mobile apps are also up for your smartphone or tablet.

Google Earth Pro is a system where you'll need to pay a license fee and gain added features not available to normal users. Leap Motion integration has been added this week to the free and Pro versions of the software. Have a peek at the Leap Motion timeline below to see what else the 3D motion control device has been up to lately!