Leap Motion teams with HP for 3D Motion Control integration

Chris Burns - Apr 16, 2013, 9:46am CDT
Leap Motion teams with HP for 3D Motion Control integration

If you were thinking that Leap Motion’s motion control experience was only going to be created as a stand-alone experience, you might need to think again. Today HP has announced a relationship with Leap Motion, this deal showing up thus far as a bundled Leap Motion Controller existing with several HP products through the future. Can you imagine motion control coming with your desktop products as a matter of fact from here on in?

You’ll find that with Leap Motion aboard, HP will become one of the most unique options for PCs in the near future. The models HP and Leap Motion are speaking about thus far will come with Airspace right out of the box. Airspace is Leap Motion’s application store where a wide range of bits and pieces can be found – gaming, education, art, music, productivity, and a whole lot more!

At the moment, HP and Leap Motion have shown their intent to include the Leap Motion Controller itself in a range of products, but have not named any specific desktops or notebooks (or anything in-between) that will be working with this deal. We’re expecting specific models to be named in the near future. Stay tuned to the HP tag portal and click out a search for Leap Motion to see which hardware comes up first!

Outside of this HP deal, you’ll be seeing the Leap Motion Controller available for $79.99 USD very, very soon. This piece of hardware is available for pre-order now for that same price and we’ll be taking additional peeks at it soon! Take a peek at the timeline below for more information on Leap Motion!

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