Google Chrome OS update hits Cr-48 with trackpad, 3G & other fixes

Google has pushed out a Chrome OS update for users of the Google Cr-48 notebook, bringing with it multiple fixes and tweaks including addressing common complaints about the trackpad. The update also includes power optimizations, potentially improving the Cr-48's already impressive battery life.

We reviewed the Cr-48 back in December, finding a notebook with plenty of promise but falling short of the functionality that even browser-centric users are reliant on. Chrome OS' premise is that mainstream users can do most of their work using cloud-based storage and apps.

However, the occasionally sluggish performance and underwhelming graphics of the Cr-48 soured first impressions. Google has apparently addressed some of these things in this new update; the full list is below:

  • 3G modem activation fixes
  • 3G connection to the carrier fixes
  • Wi-Fi connectivity/Out of the Box fixes
  • New trackpad and sensitivity setting adjusted
  • Auto update engine and debugging improvements
  • Power optimizations
  • GTalk video/chat optimizations
  • Audio CPU utilization improvements
  • Improved on screen indicators: brightness, network status, update icon
  • [via TechCrunch]