Google Chrome Browser Full Launch Presentation Video

News of Google's Chrome browser may have slipped out early on Monday, but that didn't stop the company having the proper launch event at the Googleplex on Tuesday.  That presentation saw Google developers walk through the functionality of Chrome and what makes it particularly special; it also gave them an opportunity to announce Chromium, which is the open-source project side of the browser.

Check out the full launch presentation video after the cut

At the Chromium project site, the source code for Chrome – including the new JavaScript V8 virtual machine – is already available.  Google have also added documentation about the project and a JavaScript benchmark suite.

The video of the full presentation is available below.  It's not been edited, so at just over fifty minutes it's a not-inconsiderable watch.  You might want to skip forward to the questions & answers session, where Google representatives are asked about the potential for adverts to be integrated into Chrome.