Google bought Agnilux for tablet frugality expertise?

It's a morning of acquisition talk today, with Google confirming that they've bought Agnilux, a company started by ex-PA Semiconductor employees.  The move has caused much speculation as to what exactly it is Agnilux have been working on; initially there was talk of low-power server chips, obviously of interest to Google since the company has massive server farms driving its various search and cloud-based services.  More recently, however, someone familiar with the deal told the NYTimes that in fact Agnilux is made up of "systems guys focusing on hardware-software integration ... not chip design" that could help Google make more efficient tablets.

The source went on to suggest that the company specialises in"getting software platforms to work on different kinds of hardware with lots of obscure back-end technologies," and that Google's interest was in getting Chrome OS and Android running smoothly on tablets and set-top boxes.  In fact, a further source has claimed Agnilux have particular knowledge of a "modular semi technology that allows you to regulate power more efficiently on the tablet form factor," potentially allowing upcoming Google tablets to run for longer on a single battery charge.

[Image is of Notion Ink's Android-based Adam tablet]