Google tablet runs Flash & Chrome browser tips Schmidt

We don't know who it is that's inviting Google CEO Eric Schmidt to parties, topping up his glass frequently, and then encouraging him to talk about upcoming Android-based hardware from the company, but we hope they carry on.  After the report yesterday that suggested Schmidt had told friends that Google were developing an own-brand tablet, further details have emerged from others apparently attending the same party; Schmidt supposedly confirmed that the device will run Adobe Flash content and games.

The exec is also said to have gone on to admit that "Google might not get it right the first time" but that Apple probably wouldn't manage that either with their first-gen iPad.  He then apparently alluded to "some better features coming with the second generation of iPad" although those features have not been specifically detailed.  Schmidt expects that Google and Apple will have "the next two to three years to figure it out."

As for the Google tablet itself, further sources within the project have apparently confirmed that it will most likely use Google's Chrome browser, rather than the standard Android version.  However the engineers and software teams responsible are "still wrestling with several parts of the project".