Google barge confirmed: tipped as interactive space to learn about new tech

There have been a few Google barges discovered thus far. The sightings only began about a month earlier, however that doesn't seem to have stopped the rumors and speculation from going into a bit of an overdrive state. The talk has included everything from floating data centers to high-end showrooms with a party deck on the roof.

With that in mind, it looks like the showroom rumors may be close to reality. In a statement provided to TechCrunch, Google has confirmed the mystery barges and offered a bit of detail. Though, truth be told, while the statement did confirm the barges, it did not reveal all the details. Google seems to have kept the statement brief in an attempt at keeping some of the mystery alive.

It was said the Google barge will not be a floating data center, "wild party boat" or a place to house the last remaining dinosaur. Instead, the barge is described as being an "interactive space where people can learn about new technology." That said, this same statement did also touch on how "it's still early days and things may change."

Simply put, it looks like Google hasn't even come to a final decision as to how to use the barges. Time will tell the eventual outcome for how Google plans to put these barges to use, but for now it is looking like they could be used for product showcases. Maybe Google will soon begin offering Google Glass in one. And taking that out further, maybe Google has plans to show off the still yet to be announced Google Now smartwatches.

IMAGE: Portland Press Herald