Google Ara tablet tipped in creation lead-up

For those of you watching the Google Ara developers conference live feed, today you may have seen a momentary glance at a slide which describes how the devices will be made. Made as in constructed, made with creatively combined elements which make what's still called a "Project Ara" smartphone today. Here we're also seeing the first suggestion that Project Ara could make its way into a tablet, as well.

The tablet you see in the slide below is the Nexus 10. It's a tablet that's already out, sold by Google, available now. It's just an example image to make clear that the tablet category in this real-time biometrics slide is being considered.

Ara devices will have the ability to work with a massive amount of unique components. Microphone, Camera, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, battery, and a whole lot more will be able to be swapped in and out. Google also expanded today with note of an eye-tracking bar and a wrist-strap device – though they've made clear that the wrist strap will not likely turn into a real product.

With an eye-tracking bar, Ara systems will work with infrared wash, infrared camera, and a visual camera to track your eye and body movements. Much like what we've seen described in the Amazon phone earlier today, here we've got the next generation of interaction with phones – and here it's modular.

Also shown here is a console mock-up which will use the technology being described. Detecting arousal, valence, attention, surprise, and distress, this unit will help you pick the best components for your Ara smartphone based on your reactions to each suggestion.

Signals interpreted by this system will include heart rate, facial expression, pupil dilation, vocal tone, motion and jitter, gaze direction, blink rate, heart rate, and galvanic skin response. Textures on your skin and how you respond, revealing to you what you like best.