Google Announces Chrome Web Store

Evan Selleck - May 19, 2010
Google Announces Chrome Web Store

A lot of questions went unanswered when Google originally announced Chrome OS. Like, what would we do with that Chrome OS Apps page? Well, it only took several months, but here we are with an answer. Thankfully the wait seems to be worth it, as Google have just pulled the curtain off their Chrome Web Store. And, yes, this does look a whole lot more promising than the Google Phone Store.

The Chrome Web Store is a web app store. It’s designed with full HTML5 support, and it’s meant to make playing games a lot easier. Well, that, and do just about anything else you might want to do, all within Chrome OS. For example, while there was a fun demo of Plants vs. Zombies shown off, another piece of software that was shown off was called Dark Room. A full-featured photo editing service, it’s going to cost only $4.99 when the Web Store launches later this year.

They also showed off a functioning demo of LEGO Star Wars, which is a fully rendered 3D title, and looked mighty impressive for functioning directly in the browser. And while Google obviously wanted to show off that all of these games and pieces of software work perfectly well in Google Chrome, and Chrome OS, they wanted to make sure that you know it works in all of the major browsers, too. Unfortunately, no word on when all of this will get turned on for the rest of us, but we’ll hope it’s soon along with the rest of you.

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