Wear OS update to reboot makes things simpler

Chris Burns - Aug 29, 2018, 9:55am CDT
Wear OS update to reboot makes things simpler

Google revealed a redesign and basic reboot of the Wear OS platform this week for smart watches of all sorts. This new version of Wear OS makes quicker use of Google Assistant and Google Fit, and makes the entire experience more intuitive. This new system is coming to “Wear OS by Google smartwatches” over the next month – presumably to every watch currently running the newest version of Wear OS.

Three major points were made by the folks behind Wear OS by Google, at Google, in an announcement today. They’re bringing bigger focus to three areas. One, Google Fit, two, “more proactive help from your Google Assistant,” three, so-called “easier access to notifications and more.”

This will make the most difference to those users that use all-Google apps, especially chat apps. Hangouts and Messages get quick replies – and there’s now “quicker access” to features like Google Pay. Sort of like how it’s super easy to get Samsung Pay up and ready on a Galaxy Watch.*

If you head back to our recent feature on the redesign of Google Fit, you’ll see what was inevitable. This update brings more Google Assistant into the mix, too. You’ll have access to so much Google Assistant information, you’ll wonder how much of your life remains private. Very little, son. Very little.

*Also, having used Android Wear, Wear OS, and Tizen (Samsung Galaxy Gear) smartwatches over the past few years, I must say: this newest version of Wear OS looks a whole lot like Tizen. Not that there’s a whole lot one can do with a display this small that’s not just a watch and a set of notification/app screens, but still. Even the gestures look the same now – imagine that!

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