Gmail Delegation Introduced: One Account, Multiple Users

Now when you've got more than one account, you can view them all in one window. Now when you've got more than one person who's accessing your one account, you don't need to give them your password. Email delegation is now in full effect over at Gmail. This functionality has been in place for Google Apps accounts before, now it's available to anyone using Gmail. This news comes right on top of another update to Gmail: Restoring Deleted Entries. This one's more for the multitasker.

To grant access to another account through your Gmail account, simply slick the Settings link in the top right corner of Gmail. In your Accounts tab, you'll see a brand new section where you can choose to "grant access to your account." The account you end up adding will get a verification email that allows them to either accept or deny. Once you've got another account accepted into yours, (and you refresh your browser or log out and back in again) you will see a toggle arrow beside your email address in the top right corner. This will allow you to switch between accounts.

Each account will end up opening into a different window or browser tab so you can see both accounts at the same time while you're logged into your primary account. When you sent a message from email B while you're logged in as email A, your message will appear as "sent by A on behalf of B." Simple!

[Via Gmail Blog]