Google Contacts Now Lets You Restore Deleted Entries

Google is definitely in tune with users. At least, that's the way it looks. After announcing that you can actually "unsend" an email you didn't mean to send, the search giant is now letting users of Gmail restore contacts to those they've put into Google Contacts. Mistakes happen, right? Well, now you can recover those contacts you might have deleted by accident, as long as it's within the last 30 days that you hit that delete button.

The new feature has already been added to Gmail, so users won't have to wait on some lengthy roll out process. The idea is pretty simple: those of you out there who use Google Contacts will be able to head into the "More Actions" sub-menu, and from there select a variety of options for restoring contacts. Whether it was because you deleted them by accident, or you removed them because you never thought you'd talk to them again, only to find out you desperately need their number, you now have the option to bring them back to your contact list.

Options for a time frame are pretty wide. You can restore from 10 minutes, all the way to 30 days. The bulleted options stop at one week, but thanks to the custom option, you can put an exact day in there, if you know what it is. However, keep in mind that this process will restore your Google Contacts from that day. So, if you've added contacts since the date you're restoring, they'll be deleted. So, if you've got contacts in there now that didn't exist then, make sure to write down their contact information, or you'll be finding yourself restoring yet again.

[via Google Gmail Blog]