Gmail autocomplete bug a danger to quick tappers

Chris Burns - Feb 23, 2015, 3:03pm CST
Gmail autocomplete bug a danger to quick tappers

Supposing you’re one of the millions of Gmail users that uses autocomplete to a fault, you might want to check your outbox this week. As of the last few days – some are saying longer – a bit of a bug appears to be showing up. This oddity has Gmail suggesting emails you might have only used once over an email you’ve used thousands of times. As of this afternoon, no official word has been released on the so-called bug – or alphabetical re-arranger of names.

Have a peek at Gmail right now and tell us what you find. Thus far we’re finding the mis-alignment of names to be centered around type-and-use. What I mean is that while most users might email a person a thousand times, it doesn’t seem to matter unless they’ve also entered that person’s name in the email TO a thousand times manually.

Replying to a person a thousand times might not matter at all.

Over at TechCrunch there’s word that Google actually IS at work attempting to fix this matter.

“We’re aware of an issue with Gmail and auto-complete and [are] currently investigating,” said Google, “Apologies for any inconvenience.”

It’s been suggested by several heavy Gmail users that this change MAY have occurred within the past five days.

If you’ve experienced something similar, let us know! And of course sit tight – and make sure you’re double-checking every email you send out to make certain you’re not emailing the wrong person at the wrong time.

Meanwhile Inbox by Gmail is having no such problem.

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