Gigabyte T1028 reviewed: better touchscreen, decent battery

Importers won't be bringing the Gigabyte T1028 touchscreen convertible netbook to the US until the end of April, but Engadget Chinese have picked one up ahead of time.  Compared to the M912, Gigabyte's previous-gen touchscreen netbook, there are improvements all across the board.

Best news is that the screen accuracy is much improved and the palm-rejection technology has been tweaked for the better.  The screen is resistive and so only single-touch responsive, but the trackpad supports multitouch.  As for benchmarks, the T1028 was never going to offer barnstorming performance, and the PCMark score of 1488 and 3DMark06 score of 76 break no new ground for netbooks.

The 6-cell battery lasted for an admirable 4.5hrs with all wireless turned on, the display at full brightness and volume at maximum, with the T1028 both playing a 1080p video clip and running Super PI.  The M912 found its own little niche and it looks like the T1028 will do the same; we're hoping to get one in for review as soon as possible.