GETAC 840XT ruggedized Tablet PC

Matt Faulkner has been braving the outside world recently, testing out one of GETAC's rugged Tablet PCs. This particular model is similar to the E100 we saw back in January, using an Intel Stealey A110 ULV processor running at 800MHz, half a gig of RAM and an 80GB, shock-mounted hard-drive. However the 8490XT adds a keypad to the right of its 8.4 in. widescreen TFT Wide Angle View touchscreen.Check out Matt's overview video after the cut

The 840XT also has WiFi b/g, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR and an optional WWAN module. Despite the integrated Intel graphics, GETAC claim it's Vista Areo compatible; that doesn't necessarily mean that it'll do anything but crawl along, though! There's built-in GPS, and the 840XT is compliant with military and IP54 ruggedization standards.

It's a particularly niche product, it has to be said. If you don't require something particularly light – 3.25lbs – and compact, with serious ruggedization (e.g. water, temperature, vibration and humidity, amongst others), then the $3k+ price tag is going to seem ridiculous. If you do, though, it looks a promising tablet.