GETAC E100 Tablet Is Lightweight And Hardcore At The Same Time

Sadly it won't be unveiled until the DistribuTECH 2008 conference in March, but we still have some specs for you. It will have an Intel Stealy processor with 512KB L2 cache and 800MHz clock speed.

It will have up to a gigabyte of DDR2 RAM, your choice of a 60, 80 or 100GB shock-resistant HDD (no SSD option?). The case is watertight and is made out of a magnesium alloy which is vibration and drop-shock resistant.

There are a couple of 802.11 technologies, b and g, Bluetooth 2.0, and EV-DO, GPRS/EDGE, and GPS are all three optional additions. Sure the processor is a bit on the slow side, but it helps keep heat down, weight down, and battery life up, up to about 5 hours in fact. Sadly no word on price, or when they'll actually be selling these, but the unveiling is in Tampa, Florida in March.

[via gottabemobile]