Gesundheit Radio sneezes away the dust [Video]

One thing we didn't see when we visited Texas Instruments last week were the fruits of the company's Attenborough Design Group, the experimental research group who, in 1972, designed this Gesundheit Radio.  Of course, that's probably because there was no such group; the radio – which incorporates a set of bellows and sneezes periodically, so as to remove dust from the sensitive microprocessors – is actually the handiwork of design student James Chambers, who felt a comprehensive back-story could only help his project.Video demo after the cut

Chambers even designed a working prototype, which you can see in the video below.  A SNZ button is used to trigger the action, if the pre-programmed six month schedule isn't frequent enough.

However, having collectively opened up a fair few computers and been horrified by the amount of dust inside, we reckon modern PCs could do with some bellows-action to keep them free flowing.  Chambers is apparently looking to develop other fictional products that incorporate animal actions, to fit into his timeline.

[via we make money not art]