Gears of War 2015: reveal or release

Earlier this year Microsoft made an announcement: they'd acquired the rights to the Gears of War franchise in full. Acquiring said rights from Epic Games meant they'd be able to push the game to an Awesome-pocalypse degree as they did with Sunset Overdrive. Microsoft Studios will be involved, and Black Tusk would be developing. But as of January 29th, 2014, this development team had only been on the project for a week. That's not nearly long enough for a full release even one year later, is it?

This 7th of November 2014 marked the 8th anniversary of the launch of the original Gears of War. Could it be that Microsoft would release an Xbox One exclusive Gears of War 4 on November 7th, 2015?

Wouldn't that be rather quick for a full-on big release of an AAA game? Or could it be that working with Unreal Engine 4 means quicker development? Development so fast they're able to bust out a game worth releasing just a year and a half after starting development in the first place?

Check the following "first Black Tusk Podcast" from Black Tusk below for additional clues:

Lots of question marks here. Today insider @Shinobi602 made clear something would be happening in 2015. His use of an image of a past game has no baring on the future, we must assume – just a recognizable icon without mentioning the name.

Could it be, though, that we're looking at an HD re-release ramped-up by Black Tusk? Very possible.

How about an HD remake in 2015 followed by a full-on Gears of War 4 in 2016? Test and release. Beta beforehand, make with the Xbox One exclusive hand-forcing.