Gear VR demo stations headed to Best Buy

To make the public get a little bit better understanding of what it'll be like to live in a Virtual Reality environment in the near future, Samsung is teaming up with Best Buy. At a number of Best Buy locations across the United States, Samsung will be bringing the Samsung Gear VR to their Samsung Experience Shops. This hands-on opportunity will begin on the 8th of February and will last an unspecified amount of time. There's also a site made by Best Buy to locate the closest participating location near you.

Over at Best Buy's website you'll have only to type in "Gear VR" to their Search Bar and press return. From there, a "Samsung Gear VR Demo" link will appear above the main search. If you live in North Dakota, you'll have ONE location to find this demonstration. If you live in a more populated area, you'll have a wider variety of options.

Imaging selling a product to the masses without them ever having used a product anything like it. That's the situation Samsung was about to be in.

Instead of trying to sell this headset blind, Samsung is taking to the store best known for showing their live, working electronics off: Best Buy. Users will be able to step in and pop a headset on, experiencing the Galaxy Note 4 providing them a Gear VR virtual reality experience like none other.

The other way Samsung is aiming to show people the next generation in the mobile experience is to bring it to them on the street.

Above you'll see the Samsung Mobile USA's presentation "Gear VR — First Look." They've brought the device to users on the street – literally – and have had them plop the headset on for an impromptu never-seen-before go at the virtual reality environment.

When will Samsung release the real product – not just the "Innovator Edition" to the masses? Sooner than later, we hope!

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