GameStick shipments delayed until the end of June

Brian Sin - Apr 7, 2013
GameStick shipments delayed until the end of June

PlayJam has announced that GameStick shipments will be facing a delay and that customers can expect the device to ship to them by the end of June. The main reason for the delay is due to the huge demand for the device. PlayJam only planned for the demand to be around 1,000 units, however they were extremely surprised when orders began reaching the tens of thousands of units.

In order to keep up with the demand for the product, PlayJam has to opt for much more higher-end tools. It says that the tools will take around 3 months to create, and that it has been in progress for a while. The expected completion date for these tools is the end of May. PlayJam states that it can have all the GameStick units assembled and shipped around June 10th, however they will have to use sea freight to ship them instead of air freight. The process can take two weeks.

After the shipments have arrived, it can take around 1-5 days for it to reach your homes, so PlayJam is estimating the arrival date to be within the last week of June. It is quite disappointing to the backers, but it’s inevitable for a product with such high-demand. We have also stated that 84% of Kickstarter projects miss their expected ship dates. On the bright side, PlayJam is making many modifications to the GameStick thanks to the feedback its backers have given them.

GameStick is an Android-based gaming console looking to take on the Ouya. It plugs into the HDMI slot in your HDTV, and lets you play your favorite Google Play games on your controller. There are currently over 600 developers, from both indie companies and major companies, developing games for the device. GameStick will also have XBMC integrated into it at launch. You will be able to purchase the device for $79 if you haven’t already.

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