GameStick portable gaming console takes on OUYA

The OUYA seems like a pretty awesome gaming console, and the company finally started shipping out dev units a few days ago, but a new gaming console concept has hit Kickstarter in the form of just a mere flash drive. It's called the GameStick, and it consists of a tiny HDMI dongle-based game console and an accompanying controller that offers portability, and of course, a huge selection of games.

The console uses Android as the basis for the software, so the console boasts an open platform that more game developers can join in on easily, and the team behind GameStick has made it really easy to play the console. You simply plug it into the HDMI port of your HDTV, grab the controller, and start playing games.

So far, GameStick works on roughly 200 titles that are in the Google Play store, but the team is working with over 250 developers, including Madfinger, Hutch, and Disney to bring GameStick gamers an even greater selection of games. The company boasts that since most of the games come from Google Play, you won't be spending any more money on games than what you have to in order to play them on the big screen.

The company only has a working prototype of the GameStick so far, but they're 90% of the way to getting the final pre-production samples made, and expect them to be done in 5-6 weeks. The team expects to have final units shipped out to customers starting in April at a cost $79 each — that includes the dongle and the gaming controller.