GameStick Kickstarter campaign ends at $647,658

After 31 days of campaigning on Kickstarter, PlayJam (the company behind GameStick) has finished its final day and ended up with a total of just under $650,000 in contributions. The project actually surpassed its $100,000 goal in just two days, and edged past the $500,000 mark with just three days to go. In total, the project ended up with $647,658, over six times the initial goal.

The GameStick is expected to ship to all of its customers by April, and the company just got done making final revisions to the portable gaming console, making the controller a bit more rounded, and adding a microSD card slot to the HDMI dongle. If everything goes as planned, the company expects to ship out its first commercial run by next month.

If you're still not familiar with GameStick, it's essentially a game controller with an Android-powered gaming console that's essentially a HDMI dongle. You plug the dongle into your HDTV and start gaming away. It's novel concept, and its looking to take on the other Android-powered portable gaming console, the OUYA.

Furthermore, GameStick can also act as a media center of sorts, thanks to XBMC and DLNA support. It'll be interesting to see how well the little dongle can handle 1080p HD video, but if it does, we're looking at quite a game-changer for not just the portable gaming market, but also the media center business.