Galaxy S9 video hands-on leaked (dummies with S9 Plus, too!)

This morning we're having a peek at the dummy version of the Samsung Galaxy S9, a device which will be revealed in full soon. The big event for this smartphone is scheduled for February 25th, like someone predicted, and will take place in Barcelona, Spain, just before MWC 2018. That's Mobile World Congress, the same place Samsung revealed several of its other most major mobile products in the past.

The video you're about to see shows the Galaxy S9 in all its dummy version glory. That means it's not necessarily going to look EXACTLY like this, only mostly like this. The physical dimensions here are very likely the same as what we'll see on the 25th of February, while the aesthetics after that might be a tiny bit different. This dummy was probably made to fit for early build cases.

Videos above and below both come from a user by the name of Mr Strong! He posts lots of Samsung-related bits and pieces on microblogging platform Weibo. Both videos seem to show dummy models, one of the Galaxy S9, the other of the Galaxy S9 Plus.

Accessory makers get dummy units like this all the time – sometimes weeks in advance of the real deal. Sometimes this happens because a company like Samsung works with brands to bring cases to the public at launch. Sometimes this happens because factory workers manufacturing the smartphone get paid big bucks for leaking the designs in advance.

In any case, this is another bit of confirmation that the Galaxy S9 will look largely like the Galaxy S8 in many ways. The most important of these is the curved display on the left and the right, making this design unique to most of the rest of the smartphone universe. Save Xiaomi, of course.

OF NOTE: The cases users used for their Galaxy S8 won't fit perfectly on the Galaxy S9. If the information we have right now is correct, the design will be just a little bit thicker than before. Have a peek at the timeline below for additional insights.