Galaxy S7 recall: not a Note thing to worry about

It's come to our attention that thousands of Samsung Galaxy S7 users have begun searching for details on their own device's recall. In reality, Samsung has issued no such recall for the Galaxy S7. It's the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that's been recalled, while the Galaxy S7 (a completely different device) has had no issues as such. The trending of this topic is just the latest in a series of unfortunate events that've created what's essentially a perfect storm of negative publicity for the brand.

Most anyone reading this article already knew good and well that the Galaxy Note 7 was being recalled (and that the Galaxy S7 wasn't) before they began reading it. It is, however, very easy to see how the two might be mistaken. Especially when airline attendants are deciding to ban ALL Samsung phones because they cannot tell which is the one they're meant to look for.

One of the most unfortunate parts of this situation for Samsung was that it happened this year. This year, that is, being the first in which Samsung went so far as to skip a number in Galaxy Note brand naming line so as to match with the Galaxy S. If the company had stuck to their naming structure as it was since the first Note, this year would have had them release a "Galaxy Note 6."

If they'd released a Galaxy Note 6, chances would be lower that everyday users would connect the Galaxy Note 7 recall to the Galaxy S7 by name.

It's only natural to assume that a company that makes one device will make their next device (with a very similar name) in the same place they'd made the first. A recall of one might seem obvious when the other has already been recalled.

Galaxy Note 7: Total Recall

In reality, it's clear that whatever bad batch of batteries delivered to the Galaxy Note 7's first wave release has not affected their Galaxy S7 line whatsoever.

Another rather unfortunate piece of this puzzle is the fact that many reviews – including our own Galaxy Note 7 Review – have named this device one of if not THE best Android smartphone in the world. Those that feel confident enough in Samsung to get another Note 7 (or just a new Note 7) will have to live with the possibility that they'll have to deal with the following in-flight inconvenience through the foreseeable future:

Have a peek at our timeline of Galaxy Note 7-related events below, and let us know if you've gone through the process of returning and/or exchanging your Galaxy Note 7 as well.