Galaxy S6 price cuts begin as Note 5 about to be revealed

While Samsung made it clear late last week that price cuts were coming on their latest flagship phones, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the company hasn't wasted any time. Europe has already seen discounts of over $100 applied to the devices, when both models are barely four months old. The S6 and S6 Edge were heavily promoted, and while they were well reviewed by critics, they didn't sell as well as expected, coming as a major surprise to Samsung. Now they've taken abrupt action to make up for their poor quarterly earnings.

The first country to see cheaper prices on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge is The Netherlands, where the 32GB S6 can now be bought for 599 euros (about $650). An S6 Edge of the same storage capacity is now priced at 699 euros ($760).

This is also interesting as we're just a week from the August 13th revealing of the Galaxy Note 5, along with an expected debut of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, an even larger device to compete with Apple iPhone 6 Plus. With an addition of two more flagship models to their lineup, will price cuts be enough to spur sales increases for all the different devices?

One other issue is the fact that it's been reported that Samsung's financial troubles for the last quarter were a result of underestimated demand for the curved-screen S6 Edge, and an overestimated demand for the S6, which features a flat display. This has created a situation where they are now scrambling to re-allocate their supply lines in order to meet demand.

While it's hard to believe Samsung could be struggling with both slow sales and an inability to meet demand, either way, introducing two more, slightly different or larger devices is bound make recovery from each situation more difficult.