Galaxy S22 leak tips the best of both worlds - so long as it's flat

Samsung's delivery of foldable displays to the industry changed the way their mobile device lineup does business. Now, courtesy of a collection of devices that are capable of using the S Pen, there's really no need to have a single device whose most major feature is said stylus. Instead, starting with the Samsung Galaxy S22, the Galaxy Note dies, and the S Pen lives again.

According to IceUniverse, a "supply guy from Kuan" confirmed the end of the Galaxy Note smartphone line. At the same time, this same source suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S22 (or at least one version of the Galaxy S22) will come with S Pen capabilities. More than that, at least one Galaxy S22 will come with a built-in S Pen, and "the appearance is the same as the Note 20 U style."

Earlier leaks suggested that the smartphone's aspect ratio is 19.3:9, meaning it's significantly wider than the otherwise most-recent Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. This allows Samsung to keep a lot of the internal design of the smartphone while adding space for the S Pen to live inside the smartphone while not in use.

The Samsung Galaxy Z (foldable devices) line will also quite likely continue to have S Pen capabilities into the future – but the slotting in of the S Pen will likely stick with the Galaxy S22 and forward. The Galaxy Tab tablet line will also continue to use the S Pen, but kept outside and wirelessly charged with reverse wireless charging at the back of the unit.

Now, if only we could convince Samsung that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 was the best of both worlds – that'd be super. OR if Samsung would bring back the size relatively equivalent to that of the iPad Mini – that'd be another win. All I really want is to have a pocket-sized (but large as possible) flat display running Android with an S Pen that fits in the device – that'd be the best.