Galaxy S10's 4th model leaked: It's a BIG one

The Samsung Galaxy S10 leaked this morning with a set of details on its release day readiness in the form of 5G data, 6 cameras, and more. This isn't the first leak of the Samsung Galaxy S10 in its multiple iterations, and it most certainly won't be the last. What makes today's leak different is the source, the track record, and the fact that certain details are being made more of a big deal than they've been in the past – particularly when it comes to 5G data connectivity.

5G connectivity

Each time a new major generation in mobile data speeds appeared on the global scene, each first carrier with said speed emphasized their launch with a single phone. You might remember when 4G LTE was first a big deal, and Verizon was the first company to launch the device with 4G LTE called the HTC Thunderbolt in March of 2011. Remember when HTC was a monstrous brand in Android smartphones?

Now the most epic way to launch 5G is with the current boss of Android smartphones, Samsung. With the Samsung Galaxy S10 on the way, the time is right. It won't be long before Apple's iPhone has 5G capabilities, but until then, the mega-popular Samsung Galaxy S series will do just fine for masses of users.

Six Cameras

It's not difficult to imagine two cameras up front of any new Samsung smartphone, and the back already has 2, or 3, or even 4 in their latest extra-strange international model called Samsung Galaxy A9. That's running with four cameras already – why not more?!

A 6.7-inch display

According to an article released by the Wall Street Journal this week, Samsung's next Galaxy S will have a larger display. While the Samsung Galaxy S9's standard phone had a 5.8-inch display, the standard Galaxy S10 was suggested today to come with a 6.7-inch monstrously-large display instead.

That's significantly larger than the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, too. That larger device has a 6.2-inch display, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a 6.4-inch display. This new Samsung Galaxy S10 is now rumored to roll with a display larger than that of the biggest Samsung phone of the year 2018. And there'll be notches – just not the sort you've seen before.

Given past releases in this lineup, it wouldn't be a shock to find that a Galaxy S10 Plus would have a near-7-inch display. Though wouldn't that just end up being a tablet? Or are we no longer using that word, now that the foldable display devices are well on their way?

Four models, not three

Before now, rumors suggested that there'd be three Galaxy S10 models. That'd be the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10 Lite (final name for this last model still unknown). The smallest would be the Lite model, followed by an S10 and S10 Plus with sizes quite similar to the S9 and S9 Plus. What's the deal now?

Galaxy S10 Rumored Models for 2019:

• Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

• Samsung Galaxy S10

• Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

• Samsung Galaxy X (codename Beyond X)

A setup like this suggests that Samsung's answer to Apple's current three-phone lineup is to release FOUR phones. Almost as if the number of options users have has a direct influence on which model they're apt to choose. The WSJ suggests that all of these models will likely be revealed in the Spring of 2019, while the Beyond X model will be released when 5G is ready to launch (presumably with one or more major carriers in the USA, but maybe just South Korea / China).

Wait no, five models - or six

Remember too that Samsung's got a foldable Galaxy smartphone coming at some point in the first half of the year. Then there'll be another Samsung Galaxy Note around August – with a bigger display than before! Basically you'll have more options for Galaxy smartphones in the year 2019 than you've had over the past couple years, and things are about to get wild. Cross your fingers prices don't follow suit – but good luck!

Have a peek at the timeline below for additional insight into the next year's releases from Samsung. There'll be more devices than you can wave a notch at.