Galaxy S III gets a taste of Tech21 orange goo protection

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S III is out on the market not only internationally but with each of the main five carriers here in the USA, it's time for the purveyors of next-level protection, Tech21, to grab hold. The group known as Tech21 lives in a world of Impactology in which they've demonstrated with us that the same orange mess we used to purchase as Silly Putty or Gak is made much more adult as a protection agent against – you guessed it – heavy impact. With this junk in the Snap Case for our Samsung Galaxy S III, we've nothing to fear from drops, tosses, or even bashes.

The case itself is rather simple, just clamping around the sides, top, and bottom of the device with a precise fit. It's the technology inside this case that counts the most. Though we're appreciating that the back of the case does indeed have space for the LED flash, the camera, and the speaker, it's the orange stuff inside that counts – and in this case, you'll never lay eyes on the orange stuff unless you're taking the case off or putting it back on again.

Have a peek at the video below to see what we've seen – the CEO of Tech21 mister Jason Roberts explaining what the goop is and what it's good for. The name of the orange substance is D30, and it's been used for a whole range of products produced by Tech21 including military padding, of all things. You can also pick up cases for a whole range of technology outside the smartphone realm as well – check out the MacBook Air holder for a real treat.

And as for this Galaxy S III case: you'll be dropping 24.99 in British pounds – that's closer to $30 USD – then they've also got a collection of similar solutions that cost more such as the Impact Band and the Impact Slip Leather case. Tech21 also makes a Shell and a Mesh case for the Galaxy S III for you extra hardcore users. Grab em all, why don't you!