Galaxy S III and Note devices added to Apple case vs Samsung

The USA legal case between Apple and Samsung has been amended to add several devices including the original Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, and Galaxy S III. This complaint does not yet include a request for a ban on these products, but does make it clear that Apple wishes to include them in the set of Samsung devices that Apple says infringes their patent rights. The full list also includes such devices as the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus, and Galaxy Player devices as well.

Thus far Apple has won over $1 billion USD in damages from Samsung in the USA case which has had a verdict read just days after the month-long trial took place. The results of the trial are currently set for appeal per Samsung's request, and no cash has been exchanged thus far. The newest additions to the list of Samsung products in the trial include several of Samsung's newest hero products. The full list of devices Apple has suggested should be included in the list of devices that have infringed upon their patent rights is as follows:

"the Galaxy S III, Galaxy S III – Verizon, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II – T-Mobile, Galaxy S II – AT&T, Galaxy Nexus, Illusion,Captivate Glide, Exhibit II 4G, Stratosphere, Transform Ultra, Admire, Conquer 4G, and Dart smartphones, the Galaxy Player 4.0 and Galaxy Player 5.0 media players, and the Galaxy Note10.1, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablets."

These devices have been specified as being "imported into, offered for sale, or sold in the United States." Apple has added that Samsung has "continued to flood the market with copycat products," since the first filing of the case that's just been completed – so to speak. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus specifically was a device Apple was able to get a temporary injunction against earlier this year – Samsung was granted a stay pending appeal which has allowed the device to continue to be up for sale throughout the USA today. The complaint in that case had to do specifically with Apple's '604 "Unified search" patent.

Check the timeline below for more key points in this trial since its first verdict reading. Also stay tuned as Samsung and Apple continue to kick back and forth until they're satisfied in the legal realm or one of them gets knocked out of business entirely. In other words, expect yourself to be watching this story for some time to come!

[via Apple Insider]