Galaxy Note 7 returns to T-Mobile's online store

T-Mobile signaled as much earlier in the week, and now the day has arrived: the Galaxy Note 7 has returned to the carrier's US website and is available for purchase once again. This reintroduction comes after a rather lengthy recall process sparked by widely reported cases of defective Note 7 batteries catching fire and exploding.

These new Note 7s, T-Mobile assures, won't have that same problem, with the listing on the carrier's website referencing the recall and stating that this new version of the Note 7 has been "approved by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for all purchases and exchanges."

Speaking of exchanges, if you're a Note 7 owner who still hasn't swapped out their handset, that's definitely something you should still do – recent reports show that a fair number of Note 7 owners have opted to stick with their current phone, despite the risk. Samsung has issued an update in some regions that caps the maximum battery charge in affected Note 7s, preventing them from overcharging and getting to the point of starting a fire.

This is an early step toward a resolution for Samsung. Verizon is listing the Galaxy Note 7 for sale on its website as well, and other carriers in the US should be joining the party soon. It'll be interesting to see how this new Note 7 sells, especially since it seemed like talk of the phone's defective battery was everywhere for a few weeks after the recall was implemented. Stay tuned.

VIA: Android Central

SOURCE: T-Mobile