Galaxy Note 7 recall kit: Samsung plays it safe

This week the folks at Samsung have done two things publicly in very quick succession. First, they've stopped production of the Galaxy Note 7 altogether. There will be no more Galaxy Note 7 units made for the foreseeable future, and all sales outlets have been asked to stop selling the device. Second, Samsung has begun sending collection kits to people that currently have Galaxy Note devices – very likely to the addresses they used when they first purchased the device.*

*So, if a user were to have purchased a Galaxy Note 7 and had it sent to their parents' house and their parents didn't know about the recall, that user might want to give their parents a heads-up. Otherwise opening said package might result in a panicked parent calling their kid on a late evening, hoping they've not been lit on fire already.

PASS IT ALONG: Galaxy Note 7 recall instructions

The Galaxy Note 7 recall packaging system includes a number of pieces of cardboard and ceramic. As was indicated in the shared email from support shown earlier today, Samsung is clearly working with a 3rd-party recall group that specializes in these sorts of things. This group will make this process as swift and easy as possible.

The images shown above and the video shown below come from XDA Developers forum, where they've literally received said set of boxes in the mail just this week.

In other words – do NOT wrap the device in tin foil.

Do not place the device in tupperware.

The video above shows how the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall kit will be delivered to what we must assume will be every person who purchased the device direct from Samsung. It could also be that every single person who purchased a Galaxy Note 7 brand new, regardless of source, will see this box delivered imminently.

Users that have not initiated a return, turn the device off immediately and call Samsung at 1-844-365-6197 and let them know you're ready to roll.For those users that have not yet called the Samsung Note 7 recall hotline, here's how it begins:

For more information on the Galaxy Note 7 and related devices, have a peek at the timeline below, or hit up SlashGear's Samsung portal.