Galaxy Note 7 mass production starts next month says source

Shane McGlaun - Jun 16, 2016, 4:30am CDT
Galaxy Note 7 mass production starts next month says source

An industry source is claiming that Samsung will begin mass production of the much rumored Galaxy Note 7 starting next month. This same source claims that Samsung plans to build about 5 million units for its initial launch with the devices completed by August. That August complete date for the initial supply of smartphones would fit in well with the rumor from earlier this week that the Galaxy Note 7 will launch August 2.

Another tidbit from the industry source of the rumor is that the Galaxy Note 7 will be the first Note smartphone to have a dual-edge display. The production capacity to start is believed to be 2.5 million units with July and August totals meeting the 5 million mark. If Samsung is able to do that, there will be significantly more units available for the Note 7 launch than there were for the Note 5 launch, which only saw 5 million units available over the entire first quarter of availability.

With more units available at launch, Samsung expects that it will rack up bigger sales numbers according to the source. The tip about the dual-edge screen seems to be supported by another leak from this month that shows a teaser image with a dark silhouette of a smartphone with verbiage that reads, “Write on the Edge of Something Great.”

Previous rumors have also suggested that the Note 7 will pack in an iris scanner for security. Korean media sources have claimed that the iris scanner would come from a company called Patron. Iris scanning rather than fingerprint scanning should make biometric logins more accurate and fast. Granted, iris scanners have long been rumored as features on new Samsung phones and this has yet to happen. Samsung has now integrated an iris scanner into a cheap tablet for India, so the rumor has more weight this time than ever before.


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