Galaxy Note 10 Unpacked 2019: What to expect

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release date reveal event was announced last night courtesy of the company itself. Today we're going to look at what Samsung's shown so far regarding their next big hero smartphone, and we'll be doing some connecting of the dots. The most important dot, in this case, is the front-facing camera on the Galaxy Note 10, a camera that peeks through a literal hole in the OLED panel, making it an official Infinity-O display.

Did the S Pen change?

The best most official look we've gotten at the stylus for the Galaxy Note 10 is in the (admittedly rendered) video spot released by the company this week. In the video, if you pause at just the right moment, you'll find a nearly full look at the stylus, in all its simple dark gray/black glory. It looks a bit different from its predecessor.

In the following images, you'll see what I'm on about. Where the previous most recent S Pen has a significant neck area when its clicked out. It's possible the clicky bit is just meant to look click/locked in during this video.

The design of the S Pen seems changed just a bit, in any case – notice the lack of a second section just below the clicker. That's where the S Pen would normally say SAMSUNG. Here the S Pen seems to be nearly all one piece, with just the one physical button, the clicker, and the pen nub.

It's not likely the abilities of the S Pen changed much – since there's not a whole lot else one might need of a built-in stylus. Or is there, and it's just that none have yet seen the potential?

Two Phones

The Galaxy Note 10 will likely be revealed with a Galaxy Note 10 Pro close at hand. This second device will be larger than the first and COULD alternatively be called Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The smaller phone was tipped to be slightly smaller than the Galaxy Note 9, while the Galaxy Note 10 Pro will be one of the largest Samsung phones ever produced.

The Galaxy Note 10 and Pro will have similar technology inside, including AMOLED displays and a camera hole-in-display up front. Both will likely use the same processors, and both will potentially start at 128GB internal storage with 8GB RAM. The big difference between the two, other than the display size, will likely be the inclusion of the ToF sensor on the back of the more expensive of the two devices.

Time for Pro

"You've got to be pro," warned Athene's mother in a video from the early 2000s. She was right. If you want to have the better phone of the two, the Pro is – as it should be – the more professional and GOOD of the two. The Pro in this case means the difference between what's essentially a Galaxy Note 9 (with a few new features) or a Galaxy S10 5G with an S Pen.

Because that's what the Galaxy Note 10 Pro seems to be shaping up to be – a Galaxy S10 5G, but with a slightly larger display and an S Pen installed in its slightly thicker body. The one thing that seems to be lesser on the Note 10 Pro is the front-facing camera module.

The Galaxy Note 10 Pro might also have an IR-blaster, which is a welcome return of some technology we miss every time it's absent from a new phone. Turn that television on with your phone just once when your remote control is lost, and you'll see the way.

Galaxy Note 10 Release Date

The release date event for the Galaxy Note 10 is August 7, 2019. This date will include Samsung sharing all official, final information on the smartphone and any associated accessories and/or wearable products. The Galaxy Note 10 release date will likely be August 23, 2019. We'll know for sure when Samsung announces the pre-order onstage on August 7th!

ALSO: Don't be caught off your guard when Samsung (potentially) shows their new Galaxy Watch Active 2 at the same time as the Galaxy Note. Gotta make sure they've outfitted you as best they can!