Galaxy Note 10 may have confusing specs for hardcore users

The folks at Samsung watching leakers go crazy on the Galaxy Note 10 aren't having a great day. Or, depending on how the most major info leakers get their info, Samsung's PR crew might just be having a super fun day. Either way, we're about to talk about whether the Galaxy Note 10 will surpass the functionality of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G – and what it'll mean if it's a lesser machine.

On April 27th, 2019, prominent Samsung leaker Ice Universe suggested that the N975 Galaxy Note 10 "Pro 4G" would have a 4500mAh battery and 25W. The "25w" bit from the I.U. tweet suggested that the Galaxy Note 10 would have 25W battery charging – that fast, that powerful.

Less than a full day later, I.U. suggested that "the 25W high probability is the wrong message, I take it back, but I can't say more, I can only say that your expectations are worthwhile." It's likely Samsung's either in the process of deciding whether to use this particular kind of charging capability, or haven't yet had said discussion. Either way – it seems as though there's at least SOME consideration going on with regard to the battery in the Galaxy Note 10.

One would expect that this COULD have something to do with the Galaxy Note 7 battery and fallout therein. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has Samsung's newest 25W USB-C charger, and can charge up a significant amount rather quick.

Not that it could have anything to do with the way the phone charges, but news of a single S10 5G fire might have Samsung reconsidering the same tech for their next hero phone. That user suggested that the Galaxy S10 5G started to burn "without reasons." Samsung made a statement suggesting the incident happened due to "external impact."

So how does a smartphone meant to be the best of the best have specifications that aren't as advanced as its predecessor? Why don't you ask the Galaxy Note 4 what it thought about the Galaxy Note 3 having a more advanced USB system a full year earlier. It'll all work out fine in the end, right?