Galaxy Nexus volume update: Are you fixed?

Samsung and Google began rolling out the Galaxy Nexus volume bugfix late last week, though it seems not all users of the Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone have yet received it. The update, ITL41F, hit our UK Galaxy Nexus on Saturday morning, but other owners have taken to Twitter and Google+ to complain that they're yet to see the amended software. Has your Galaxy Nexus been fixed yet?

The new software build addresses an issue with the way the Galaxy Nexus handles the 2G 900MHz band, with volume levels fluctuating wildly and the volume control itself unresponsive. Those lucky enough to get consistent 3G coverage may not even have seen it affect their device, but others in more patchy 3G areas have found the Galaxy Nexus' usefulness for voice calls severely impacted.

The update process itself is straightforward, with the fix measuring 960kb and being installed during a prolonged restart. When our Galaxy Nexus booted back up, 44 applications were "optimized" to run with the new build version, but other than that – and the change in the "About" page, shown above – there are no obvious differences.

Has your Galaxy Nexus received the bugfix yet? Has it addressed your volume problems or changed anything else, or were you lucky enough not to experience the volume issue in the first place? Let us know in the comments.