Galaxy Nexus Permanent Root accessed, painless process revealed

When we talk about gigantic releases of smartphones, the hero phone line for Google's mobile OS Android, otherwise known as Nexus, has its name up there with the iPhone – and now the newest family member, the Galaxy Nexus, has had its heart unlocked with a full permanent root, its body now ready for hacks galore. There are methods for rooting a device (known as jailbreaking on iOS) that are not permanent, going away once the device is restarted, but this is the good kind – this kind sticks. This is the second of two methods that have been revealed thus far to the public by your kind and gentle developer underground, this one much easier than the first, especially for those of you who've never before done such a thing.

What you end up doing here once you get the device in your hands is to grab a few files, place them on your phone, and launch into your bootloader. This is an alternate way of entering into the guts of your device rather than the main launch screen as you normally would, this way allowing you many methods of gaining support for your device as well as dashing its brains out if you've got a mind for it. What you'll be doing here instead is executing a couple of "Superboot" files that put their stealthy claws into your device's software and installs more software that allows you root. From here you can use such apps as superuser to allow all manner of dastardly fun apps to modify your device to your heart's content.

This method works for the retail version of the Galaxy Nexus and installation scripts are available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. Head over to MoDaCo to learn more and make it happen. Stay tuned to SlashGear if you're still unsure of if you'll be picking up the Galaxy Nexus or not as we'll have a full review of both the hardware and the software up for you soon! Meanwhile have a peek at how we just earlier today got our hands on Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S II, and jump up and down for joy in the idea that you too will soon have access!

[via MoDaCo]