Galaxy Nexus getting Flash and AIR support come December

We knew that Adobe was on track to roll out Adobe Flash support for Android 4.0 (and in particular, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus) before the end of this year but, at that time, we didn't know the exact month, whether it'd be either November or December. Now, fast forwarding to today, Adobe has just tied up a couple loose ends and confirmed that Adobe Flash Player 11.1 and Adobe AIR 3.1 will both be heading to the Galaxy Nexus (and thus Android 4.0) at some point next month in December.

We think that the timing couldn't be more perfect for those of you that live stateside and just can't wait to get your hands on Verizon's sleek new 4G LTE-powered Galaxy Nexus smartphone, reviewed by us here. Also, we want to remind you this is the last version of Flash that will be headed to Android after Adobe announced that it would be completely ditching the platform for Android and other mobile operating systems.

What about other devices besides the Galaxy Nexus? Well, that's entirely up to the decision of the other OEM companies. Most will probably continue to provide support for future smartphone models, but more significant advances in Flash and Adobe AIR for Android are pretty much finished. But for the Galaxy Nexus hopefuls out there, just be glad you're getting a last and final update before the last final croak of the mobile flash platform. Rest in peace, mobile Flash, you've had a good run on some great smartphones.

[via Adobe]