Galaxy Fold price cut to "clear inventory" before 2 and 5G

Several leaks of Samsung's plans for the next generation of foldable display-toting smartphones suggest now's the time to buy – if you're not worried about having the absolute newest iteration of the tech. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 1 will apparently be sold on a significant discount with a slightly different title: The Samsung Galaxy Fold Special Edition. The difference will be... the price, and that's it.

Samsung's original Galaxy Fold was relatively expensive. Head to a Best Buy right now and you'll find the original Samsung Galaxy Fold available for nearly $2000 (two THOUSAND dollars). Refurbished models appear elsewhere for around 25% less than that – but still, well over a thousand. Today's suggestion from Ross Young is that Samsung's releasing a "new" version of that same device for around $1k.

Ross Young recently revealed that the display on the Galaxy Note 20+ will be significantly different from that of the Galaxy Note 20. Insider information like that isn't common. That, combined with the accuracy of information shared by Young in the recent past, makes it a pretty good bet that we'll see t a Special Edition Galaxy Fold at the launch date he's suggested: Inside July, 2020.

It's apparently a launch designed to clear inventory before the Galaxy Fold 2 collection is released. We're expecting the Galaxy Fold 2 to be released in at least two iterations, one with 4G connectivity and a price tag just over $1k, the other with 5G connectivity and a price tag closer to that of the original.

Now, if only the Galaxy Fold 2 would include an S Pen so it'd be able to really, truly take its place as the "Ultra" version of the Galaxy Note 20. Instead, it'll just be the most interesting device in Samsung's 2020 lineup, assuming they don't move ahead with any other sort of foldable, bendable, or rollable machines by the end of 2020. Cross your fingers for something strange!