Future Shop Mac placeholders fuel MacBook rumors

Chris Davies - Sep 25, 2008, 10:24 am CST
Future Shop Mac placeholders fuel MacBook rumors

Best Buy’s Canadian subsidiary Future Shop has sparked further Apple rumors after introducing a number of new Mac placeholders in their stock management system.  The addition of the six records is consistent with previously observed new launch practice; however, according to one Best Buy insider, Future Shop has made the change based not on Apple advice but on rumor.

Apple is presumed to be launching a new MacBook range, possibly at a rumored event to be held on October 14th.  So far no public statement has been made, and it also appears that – beyond a stock warning back in July – retailers have not been informed either.  The MacBook Pro refresh at the beginning of the year was heralded three weeks beforehand by new part numbers in Best Buy’s system, but according to the insider Future Shop have added the placeholders based only on the rumors that new models are coming.

Recently the cryptic tip that the October 14th event would be “all about the brick” prompted furious speculation about what Apple had up their sleeves.  Suggestions have ranged from a multifunction power supply with optical drive and networking, to a metaphorical “Windows smashing” low-cost entry MacBook model.

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