Fun fact: Google Twitch acquisition is NOT confirmed

Overnight you may have heard that Google acquired Twitch, making the owners of YouTube once again quite easily the biggest commanders of online video. But it's not necessarily true. In fact, neither Google nor Twitch have said anything of the sort.

For those of you familiar with how the tech news industry reports, this shouldn't be a surprise. The original source for this story as well as the rest of those involved – which you can find in our post yesterday – site "sources familiar with the matter."

It's important that you, the reader, make the distinction between this and actual confirmation from the companies making the supposed merger. Again, this is rudimentary for those who understand how tech news is reported online today, but consider it again right this minute.

By all means, the fact that two relatively major news sources have confirmed that either talks are being had between Twitch and Google and/or that they've finalized talks is significant. But the word "confirmed" is dangerous. Keep that in mind the next time you see someone sharing a story without reading the content.