Fujitsu Windows 7 Tablet concepts previewed

Chris Davies - Oct 8, 2010
Fujitsu Windows 7 Tablet concepts previewed

Fujitsu’s dual-display phone wasn’t the only prototype the company had on show at CEATEC 2010 this week; the company also brought along a couple of tablet mockups.  Neither of the unnamed slates were functional – in fact the Windows desktops were printed onto stickers and pasted onto the front of the plastic slabs – but that didn’t stop NetbookNews snapping some photos.

The assumption is that these tablets – if commercially produced – would run Windows 7 or perhaps Windows 7 Embedded, most likely with one of Intel’s Atom CPUs inside.  We’d be very interested to see that happen, too; Fujitsu have been responsible for some of the more interesting ultraportable tablets of recent years, including the UH900 and U820.

[via NotebookItalia]

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