Fujitsu U820 UMPC on sale in US

The Fujitsu U820 UMPC (aka the U2010) has finally made it to an official spot on the company website, having cleared the FCC almost three months ago.  The 5.6-inch micro-convertible also now has a price: $999 gets you the entry level version, with an Intel Atom Z530 processor, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, a 60GB 4,200rpm hard-drive and integrated GPS.

Meanwhile $1,299 gets you the upgraded version, with a 120GB 4,200rpm hard-drive.  Both models have WiFi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth, a 5.6-inch WXGA touchscreen and full QWERTY keyboard.  There's also an integrated webcam and fingerprint sensor, plus Fujitsu bundle Microsoft OneNote and Garmin Mobile PC along with the Vista Home Premium OS.

Options include a 64GB SSD (for a whopping $1,100 on top of the base model) and an $80 docking cradle.  The standard battery is a 2-cell 2900mAh pack, but Fujitsu are currently offering a free upgrade to the 4-cell 5800mAh pack; buying an additional battery at initial purchase costs $70 or $80 for the 2- or 4-cell respectively.

Sadly there's no apparent integrated 3G WWAN option, plus no RAM upgrade.  Running Vista on just 1GB of RAM might prove to be a pain.  The Fujitsu U820 is available to order now.

Update: According to the official release mobile broadband will be an option in Q1 2009.

[Thanks Tim!]