Fujitsu AMILO Sa 3650: new driver will boost notebook graphics too

Fujitsu's AMILO Sa 3650 notebook has a clever solution to the ultraportable graphics problem: an separate video card, the External Graphics Processor (XGP), that can be plugged in for a pleasant burst of ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3870 with 512MB memory.  Thing is, they also dropped the ball in making the XGP only work with external displays.  Handy when you're at your desk, but useless if you want to crunch some video while on the move.  Thankfully the company is now preparing to release a driver that will let you access the boosted graphics performance on the Sa 3650's own 13.3-inch display.


The original ATI driver allowed you to connect an external monitor to the XGP's DVI-I or HDMI outputs; the new version of the software will use the XGP's processing grunt but for the ultraportable's own display.  Apparently the ATI engineers behind the technology are particularly pleased with themselves for achieving it.

No word on when exactly the updated drivers will be released, though according to the rumors it will be sooner rather than later.  All of a sudden the AMILO Sa 3650 is looking a whole lot more interesting.

[via NotebookReview]