Freescale tablet concept offers pro-audio docks

Freescale are following up on their first batch of mobile device concepts with another idea for the table of the future, a multimedia and pro-audio focused slate.  Targeted at college-age students "into art and music", the unnamed tablet would have a number of modular docking stations into which it could snap for specialised connectivity.

If you're looking to consume multimedia, such as with an HDTV or a HiFi system of some sort, the "Home Bar" could offer HDMI, VGA, composite and component connections, along with ethernet and USB.  Meanwhile, a "Pro Custom Audio Bar" might have XLR, MIDI and S/PDIF connectivity, for integrating the tablet with an existing synth, turntable or DJ system.

Since the connections are in the dock, not the tablet itself, they could be left connected and the slate simply snapped into place whenever you want to use the audio functionality.  Meanwhile a "simple" dock could be used merely to prop the tablet up in table-top or picture frame orientations.