Frasier reboot, Rugrats, Behind the Music: Might Paramount+ be a win?

The Paramount+ (or Paramount Plus, if you prefer) streaming service launched this month, and with it, the promise of a BUNCH of interesting programming. If you've previously subscribed to CBS All Access, you'll find the list of programming very, very familiar.* New content with this new service includes a reboot of Frasier, Reno 911! iCarly, and more. MTV and VH1 content is here too, including Yo! MTV Raps and Behind the Music.

Reboots and new content

ViacomCBS announced a series of titles that'll be released on Paramount+ as reboots or continuations of shows that'd previously been on cable television. The biggest of these may well be Frasier. Frasier's launch is the subject of some controversy as not all significant parties are excited about the re-launch.

Beavis and Butt-Head will also be getting a reboot, tacking on episodes to its periodically-continued series. This will be about the third significant add-on to the series as it's been moved from platform to platform over the past several decades.

Starting in the first quarter of the year 2022, the Halo television series will be premiering exclusively on Paramount+. That's Halo, based on the Xbox video game franchise, as a TV show, on Paramount+ alone.

The show Star Trek: Picard will continue through the Paramount+ as it was shown on CBS All Access. Several Star Trek series and all the movies can be found on the Paramount+ streaming service.

Paramount+ will also be getting new content in the Flashdance universe, iCarly, Sex and the City, and Reno 911!, too. Basically any series or movie ViacomCBS has access to and can continue will be launched on Paramount+ – not that they've said this exactly, but their actions with programming like Rugrats says as much.

Rugrats will be released on Paramount+ with the original voice actors reprising their roles. The show's signature squiggle-vision animation style (not to be confused with the squiggle-vision made by Tom Snyder for Dr. Katz) will NOT be present. Instead, we're getting a 3D animation take on the situation.

Paramount+ also includes the Spongebob Squarepants empire of content. The entire Spongebob TV series is present on the platform, plus the new Spongebob Movie, and another new SpongeBob episodic series. That'll be called Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years.

Wait a second...

*If you've previously seen some of these shows and/or movies on another service, don't be shocked. Paramount+ is a re-branding or re-naming of the service called CBS All Access. CBS All Access was launched back in October of the year 2014, and was rebranded as Paramount+ on March 4, 2021.

The rebranding is due in part to the business merger of CBS and Viacom that took place in the year 2019. It's likely that if you've taken part in the CBS All Access system before, you'll need to update your app(s) in order to continue service into the future. If you've never used any streaming service before, now might be an OK time to try.