Fourth ASUS Eee Pad caught on video

A fourth ASUS Eee Pad tablet has quietly shown up at Computex, with Carrypad spotting the unannounced slate at Intel's booth.  Running Windows 7 and seemingly fully functional, according to the Intel reps the tablet is a prototype that ASUS considered before settling on the 12-inch Eee Pad EP121.Video demo after the cut

That leaves us in the dark as to what exactly might be powering the ASUS slate, but its presence at the Intel booth does at least confirm an Atom or CULV CPU of some sort from that company's range.  It's also impressively slim, and we have to say we prefer the brushed metal finish and squared off edges to the slightly less eye-catching EP121.

Still, there's no word from ASUS or Intel as to whether this version will ever see the light of day with a retail release or forever be consigned to the old-prototype store-room.  ASUS' confirmed Eee Pad models aren't expected to arrive until Q1 2011, priced between $399 and $499.